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HOTCALLS ! Signals

Want to make money from markets over short term? Like to take some risk and also be active? Trading Signal Calls in Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodity, MCX, Nifty with ASSURED PROFIT commitment. Account Handling Service available for the busy ones.

INVESTRich Plans

Not a Trader? No problem. Long-Term Wealth building from equities is here to stay. Whether you are a Short, Medium or Long Term Investor, Choose from our 4 variety of Services For Investors suiting to all type of investment needs for rich returns from markets.

How it works

Megha CapitalTM has one to one customer approach i.e we treat each customers individually. Because that is the only way to give best satisfactory service in terms of excelent profit returns and customer support.

Discuss and Choose

Discuss before you join any service with our experienced and trained executive and decide the right service for you as per your capital, experience, risk appetite and profit goals..

Customer Induction & Training

After choosing right service, you will be assigned to a dedicated analyst. Our relationship executive will train you about how to interpret our msgs and give link of an excel tracksheet to track calls given to you and profit situation on EOD basis.

Personalised Signals

Our research team derives signals based on the fundamental and technical analysis. These are then delivered to you via SMS/WhatsApp/Megha CapitalTM App.

Execute & Monitor

You execute the trades based on the signals provided by our team and follow the disciplines that they advice you. You can check the calls given and profit made by you daily by clicking the given link.

Getting Successful in Investment Arena

Megha CapitalTM has over the past 11 yrs. learned the Art & Science Of Success in Stock Markets and ready to give its benefit to our clients

Knowledge is Power

Clients need more than plain profits. Yes, enabling clients with proper understanding of investing and trading is one of our core beliefs.

Market Timing

It is said you cannot time the market but market timing is possible. Market timing is all about entry, holding and exit in optimum way in any type of trade

Keeping Track of Things

Maintaining journals and portfolio for individual clients and upgrading our own knowledge by studying new concepts in investment field.

Bull n Bear Phases

Market goes up over the longer period of time, but the small hick ups within the bigger trend and large corrections are also important part of the same.

Rigourous Research

Search and Research is the motto of our fundamental analysis desk guys. We have to keep looking for best before the competition finds it.

Perfecting Right Tools

Right mindset. Trading success is gained by technical analysis and investment is based on fundamental analysis. If you mix both, you may lose and get lost as well.

Megha CapitalTM ..where actual results are delivered.

With Megha CapitalTM , you are assured of best service in the industry.

Defined 'Process Flow' to ensure smooth delivery of services and transparency.

Our 'Affiliations & Memberships' world over, gives added advantages over other market participants.

Our Mission

Our 'Mission & Quality Statement'- Safety of Capital first, then generating the optimum returns for clients.

Expert Team & Certifications of Industry knowledge base .

Our Investment & Trading Philosophy' Clear-cut doubtless thinking and consulting approaches.

11 Years Of Excellence

An established and reputed brand-name in advisory market with ethical marketing practices and quality and innovative customer services.

Established background.

With 11 yrs.old continuously updated blogger blog, facebook and twitter page, we are probably only one to have this establishment credentials in industry.

Experience Pool

With thousands of clients served, our experience is enriched with and enriches each new client.

Research is the backbone.

Research and Analysis has always been at the core of our business model. Second comes dedicated customer service then only marketing.

Customer Awards So Far

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