Become a research associate :

Who are you:

If you are a research analyst, economist, fundamental, technical, behavioral analyst or do writing on any type of research, analysis or writing activity relating to markets, finance, economy; then we have a very good proposal for you. This is completely part time type work. So you can become a research associate even if you are employed. Academic qualification and experience is not rigidly required if the candidate seems bright, enthusiastic, and sufficiently talented for our RA work.

No fixed work-time, work from home:

You can become our 'research associate' and work with us from wherever you are based without any fixed duration of work time.

MEGHA CAPITAL is always looking for bright/rising talent in financial research, analysis and publication. If you have it then we would be glad to have you as our research associate.

We generally do confidentiality written contract with you and engage you with our work or engage with the work you are doing in terms of research and analysis. This is not compulsory but depends on case to case basis.

During our engagement, you will work with our research team and publication team and operations manager over the phone, email, messenger, Skype, Gtalk video and team viewer as well as communication by post. All the expenses and support will be born by us, so you do not have to spend any money.

Our research activity is two-frangled, one is freely published one and another is which is part of our paid services or which is offered to our paid members. Both of them includes informative, educative, and analytical content/research ranging in all three areas such as fundamental research, technical analysis, and other articles.


We alert you to make sure that you do not copy any one else's content, and if so, and if necessary to do so, then do not forget to put credential and mention of sources.


We will provide you with cash remuneration or remuneration in terms of putting your name on the content that we use prepared by you in case of your work is of publishable nature and done by alone your efforts, which will be clarified to you in advance.

Usually, this all will depend and vary case to case basis depending upon your experience, proficiency in analysis and capability of content production/formatting and existing standing, education qualification, and such other parameters.

Usually, Cash remuneration of Rs.2500 will be provided for the 1st and 2nd month along with the name and profile being published on our site. Then after the remuneration will be increased to Rs.5000 a month and subsequent increase of 20-40% will again come in following every 3 months.

Credits and recognition:

As mentioned above, we do not publish the 'research associate's' name anywhere unless agreed otherwise in advance and depending upon time to time change in our relationship with the research associate. The research associate can also become regular contributor or become 'on roll research associate' who will work from home only but will have defined responsibility and as it states will be 'on roll' of pay of our company, i.e., he/she will get a fixed pay as per company's rules.

Type of contribution:

The research associate can contribute to mainly technical analysis, fundamental analysis, publication of article as posts on our blog on subjects as varied as which include economy, finance, investment, trading, commodities, global economy and so on.

Some more points to notice:

The scope of the RA work is as below:

  • The scope of the RA work is as below:
    • Publicly publishable (may be or may be not given to paid client, but mainly published on our website, blog, newsletter, emailer, sms etc.).
    • Non-publicly publishable (mainly served to paid clients).
  • Other type of general & particular Research & Analysis % educative, and informative content: (mainly publicly publishable)
  • In case of 3rd type, the RA will be given a list of possible write-up/research subjects on which he/she can write.
  • Complete support in terms of knowledge, analysis, guidance, and work is given to the RA in all type of activities undertaken by him/her under this RA work.
  • The copyrights to some works of RA will rest solely with MEGHA CAPITAL, while in some other works it will rest with both the RA and MEGHA CAPITAL.
  • The name of RA will not be published in the publicly-publishable category of the above 3 scopes of RA.
  • RA will be free to showcase publicly, his/her association with us as a freelance research associate at MEGHA CAPITAL.
  • The name and profile of the RA will be put on our site as team member along with other team members.
  • The RA will be given email ID for all communication purposes.
  • The RA will be required to study respective/all products of our firm, if he/she is assigned to service one or more of them.
  • Our firm works with deadline system. Every task will have deadline. However the deadlines are flexible and can be extended by the CEO of the firm.
  • The RA is allowed to take content from internet and other sources, but must not merely 'copy and paste'. He/she should add own thoughts, views, comments, analysis and change wordings and sentences to complete it and to make it look like a stint of originality.
  • MEGHA CAPITAL team will make changes and edit the produces of the RA for betterment.
  • MEGHA CAPITAL team's investment philosophy overview:
    • 'Remain invested in markets'
    • Drawing a bold and clear line between investing and trading and within them as well such as short-term, medium term, long term and longer-term.
    • Keep shuffling your portfolio according to market and economy conditions,
    • Stay attune with value investing principles,
    • Bet on multi-baggers carefully as there are not many of them neither you have unlimited capital for them,
    • Take benefit of present intermediate trend (flavor of the season) while sitting tight with core investing principles such as value investing, timely booking profits in such intermediate trend investment
    • Adding into longer term stocks on declines
    • Largely staying clear of IPOs
    • Look out for good mutual fund schemes for investing in international equities, international real estate, commodities stocks, and commodities themselves.
    • Bear Markets don't long last in general, but can do so in particular (sector/stock specific)
    • Mid-caps are better than smallcaps, and many largecaps in growing economy such as India are in fact still Midcaps.
    • Being Contrarian investors 'pains' heavily in the short-medium term, but 'pays' heavily in the long-run.
    • Do not take long-term investment picks based on technical analysis (Those who see charts to give recommendations). Meaning don't take investment advice from technical analysts, take trading advice from them. However, we believe putting endorsement of long-term technical patterns of 2 to 4 and more years into our investment recommendations, at the same time they do not form the basis of the recommendation but only supports it.
    • Thrust on elements of 'Behavioural Finance' ((the psychological aspects of individual participant and crowd in markets) while understating markets and movements.
    • No belief in astro-analysis.
    • Belief in non-decoupling concept of developed and developing markets.
    • Belief in asset allocation across asset classes and within asset classes.
    • Belief in dependence of investment portfolio building on individual to individual basis based on client profiling.
    • Belief in changes of long-term investment strategy/portfolio on the basis of modern age financial markets and economic realities.
    • Belief in three strategies for investors such as entry strategy, exit strategy, and re-entry strategy.
    • Belief in taking ideas from market and market veterans and voices and then working out on our own criteria.
  • MEGHA CAPITAL's trading philosophy overview:
    • Belief in completely professional trading
    • Belief in putting down calculations to the last fraction digit possible
    • Belief in primary use of technical analysis and such quantitative analysis for trading
    • Belief in use of news-analysis (or situational or general condition analysis (as demonstrated by Jesse Livermore)) as developed by us in trading.
    • Belief in non arbitraging hedge technics such as pair trading, sectoral-diffrences, long-short crosses, across market positions.
    • Belief in uselessness of stock options for retail and small traders in Indian markets.
    • Belief in money management, risk management, trading accuracy (analysis) and mental psychology as four main constituents of trading system.
    • Belief in maximum standardization of trading advisory products or products framed in such a way giving individual attention
    • Belief in keeping the trading advisory based services customer renewal ratio at minimum 40%

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Become a research associate

If you are a research analyst, economist, fundamental, technical, behavioral analyst or do writing on any type of research, analysis or writing activity relating to markets, finance, economy; then we have a very good proposal for you...

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