About Us

Megha CapitalTM is a team of well qualified, experienced and most importantly passionate and innovative researchers.

The Research Team has also created milestones by forecasting SENSEX 11,192 and various other stocks near-the-top of the last bull market when SENSEX touched 20,000 levels. This we are talking about from 2007 and till date in present 2018 as well you will find superb stock, commodity, forex markets milestone forecasting by our team (check our blog for the same). When no one is willing to open mouth, it's guaranteed that this team will give their bold and transparent views. The team made headways by forecasting the 2008 stock market crash by presenting subprime, p-notes, leverage problems and technical analysis of World Markets. The team believe in dynamism in forecasting and analysis because their strong belief that although fundamental economic principles and business facts never change; however the financial markets always try to find new relations and co-relations for itself.

In this wake only, classical technical analysis and traditional fundamental analysis (that too both in isolation of each other) proves to be insufficient and inefficient for reasonably consistent forecasting results. This proposition tended them to apply more than just one tool of financial market forecasting at the same time and converge better-of-all-the-world. All the other team members are also educationally well qualified and rich in their experiences throughout markets and times. Some of them also serve at leading brokerage and advisory houses in Ahmedabad and Surat in research positions.

We have framed this site in an interactive and updating Blog fashion. We regularly put research, recommendation, news, views, and other information related with ranging from investing, trading, stocks, commodities, news, views, global markets, global economy, life and living.

There are other team members. Names of some analysts have been kept confidential due to requests from them while others due to Our Firm's Policy.

Ultimately it's YOU, the readers and subscribers that have encouraged us to turn our hobby, interest and passion into business of success.

Thank you all on behalf of whole team.

Our Expert Team And Certifications

Apart from rich experience, our team who prepares and delivers free and paid content and trading and investing advice have following degrees and educational qualifications. They includes MBA finance, Certificate in taxation, International Banking and International finance master degree, ICWA degree holder, intermediate CAs, intermediate CSs, CAs, CSs, CFAs, NCFM (NSE's Certification in financial markets) capital markets, NCFM derivatives market, NCFM depositories operations, MCX Certified Commodity Professional, AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) and more.

Our researchers also write in among one of top 3 gujarati stock market weekly, one of english stock market weekly, one of top 5 internationally recognized magazine for traders, weekly magazine run by investor protection trust gujarat, and others.

In addition Our analysts and research team are certified by major institutions as below,

  • 1. National Stock Exchange's Certification in Capital Markets
  • 2. National Stock Exchange's Certification in Derivatives Markets
  • 3. National Stock Exchange's Certification in Commodities Markets
  • 4. National Stock Exchange's Certification in Depository Operations
  • 5. MCX Certified Commodity Professional
  • 6. NCDEX (Certification in Commodity Markets)/li>
  • 7. SEBI-NISM Certification in Currency Markets
  • 8. SEBI-NISM Certified Personal Financial Advisor CPFA
  • 9. AMFI-Association of Mutual Funds in India Certified
  • 10. IRDA- Certification of Insurance by Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India

Our Affiliations/Association And Memberships World Over

Megha CapitalTM as a firm and our associates enjoys membership in following reputed association and institutions in investments and finance field. This helps us improve our learning curve constantly as well show our recognition of establishment.

Our Mission & Quality Statement

Our Mission

It is rightly said that without a MISSION, any organization cannot achieve success and accomplishments, it desire to.

Thus here, we declare our MISSION to be a pioneer in bringing concepts from most obvious to most creative, innovative, and advanced in the field of investments and trading. This solely aimed at the betterment of consciousness and monetary benefit to our paid customers as well as people following our free and public domain research and analysis.

Quality Statement

We believe, in our activity, there are two aspects,

  • 1. The quality of Analysis, and
  • 2. The quality of Delivery of service

We strive to remain best in both of these aspects. Our MAIN FOCUS remains on highering our existingCUSTOMER RENEWAL RATIO than ACQUISITION OF NEW CUSTOMERS. And that also explains our No Sample Trial culture followed since beginning of fee based services.


To take care of this important aspect, we follow top-down as well as bottom-up approach. We have team of experienced, qualified and MOST IMPORTANLY those fellows who have ability to imagine, work with and deliver through THE MOST OBVIOUS to MOST ADVANCED AND INNOVATIVE in these subjective field of market research and analysis.

We encourage and entertain such study people in our organization, who can imagine of flying in skies while their feet firmly on the ground.

We believe in concept of internationalization and inter-market analysis, i.e. all markets classified into asset-class, locations, and so on are interconnected and increasingly doing so. However, the magnitude and frequency of co-relation keeps changing with times.


To take care of this aspect we have put down in place robust systems that ensures,

  • 1. Prompt receipt of new customer queries and response to it via phone call, SMS, email, contact form.
  • 2. Priority of task mentioned in 1st point above for EXISTING CUSTOMERS than new prospects.
  • 3. Regularity of respective services, and informative SMS when services are disrupted of for other reasons.
  • 4. Specificity of all the services. This goes with our hard-core approach that we must know what we are offering PRECISELY, and the investor/trader must know what he is BUYING IN THE FORM OF OUR SERVICE.

Many times we help prospects to identify their need and choose right service from our basket of useful services. We happily apologize for our customer care executives' rigid behavior in explaining and getting too specific!

Our Investing & Trading Philosophy

Our Investing Philosophy

  • 'Remain invested in markets',
  • Keep shuffling your portfolio according to market and economy conditions,
  • Stay attune with value investing principles,
  • Bet on multi-baggers carefully as there are not many of them neither you have unlimited capital for them,
  • Take benefit of present intermediate trend (flavor of the season) while sitting tight with core investing principles such as value investing, timely booking profits in such intermediate trend investment
  • Adding into longer term stocks on declines
  • Largely staying clear of IPOs
  • Look out for good mutual fund schemes for investing in international equities, international real estate, commodities stocks, and commodities themselves.
  • Bear Markets don't long last in general, but can do so in particular (sector/stock specific)
  • Mid-caps are better than smallcaps, and many largecaps in growing economy such as India are in fact still Midcaps.
  • Being Contrarian investors 'pains' heavily in the short-medium term, but 'pays' heavily in the long-run.
  • Do not take long-term investment picks based on technical analysis (Those who see charts to give recommendations). Meaning don't take investment advice from technical analysts, take trading advice from them.
  • Thrust on elements of 'Behavioural Finance' (the psychological aspects of individual participant and crowd in markets) while understating markets and movements.

Our Trading Philosophy:

  • We believe trading is not a job but is a business.
  • Trading has 4 components namely, 1. The system/strategy of trading 2. The psychology aspects 3. The risk & trade management aspects 4.The accuracy of the trades
  • Traders should aim at sharpening their expertise in all the four above and also take help of experts whenever and wherever necessary.
  • Cut your losses short and let the profits rise.
  • Identify the long-term trend first, then the medium term trend then shorter term and then intraday trend.
  • We believe in taking short-selling opportunity just as we take long-buying opportunity.
  • Never fight the trend. Sharpen your expertise to identified the 4 trend as mentioned above.
  • Believe in the theory of 'general conditions' as described by Edwin lefevre in his book Reminiscences of a stock operator.
  • Always have a trading plan. Never trade on random tips and hunches without trading plan.
  • Never trade without a stoploss.
  • Take profits in rangebound, choppy and uncertain markets.
  • Let your profits growing. Add to your winning trades.
  • Trade on rumors and exit on news. But be careful while following this strategy.
  • Never discuss your trading positions with others.
  • Control your emotions. You cannot control the markets but definitely control your emotions.
  • Never try to become a 'perfectionist' or 'the best'. Try to become 'better than others' and 'above average'.
  • Follow your system. Let the system prove itself right or wrong before changing it.
  • Never ever overtrade.
  • If you are starting new or re-starting then try with paper trading first.
  • Don't think of earning a regular, proportioned and steady salary/income. Because trading is not a job but business.
  • Learn both 'buy-n-trade' and 'short-n-trade'. But try more 'buy-n-trade' in bull market and more 'sell-n-trade' in bear market.
  • Don't be greedy. Remain reasonable. Don't try to make killing every week. You can expect it only once in months.
  • Take a break after continual periods of constant success or constant failure.
  • Don't put your all eggs in one basket unless you are an experienced trader and afford to lose big sum. Diversify your trading into stocks, asset classes, sectors, themes and technical set ups.

Our Logo And Slogan

The unique up and down arrow with green and red colour logo of Megha CapitalTM depicts the very nature of markets. You will find charts, logo and image on most websites which will show only up trend or up arrow. But market have two faces and it is undeniable that the markets do come down. That is why we have both down/red and up/blue arrow logo. However, you notice that the up arrow is second and thus it demonstrated our belief and approach that after ups and downs, there should be progress at the end and success while acknowledging the existing of down side nature of the markets. This also says that there is opportunity to make money in down side as well for not just traders but investors of long-term as well.

"To The Reader"

I want to tell the avid reader of my writing that I do not care about looking uniform at all times. In my quest of truth, I have abandoned so many thoughts and learnt new things. I might have grown older by age, but I don't feel that my inner growth has stopped. I further believe that even after my death too, the growth wouldn't stop. I just care about one thing and that is my passion to always follow the words of God/Truth. And thus when any one feels like there is contradiction between my two writings, and if one has faith about my sanity/ wisdom, then one should consider the latter out of the two writings of same subject.

-Mahatma Gandhi, Harijan Bandhu, ( 30-04-1933 )


Sumit Patel, Pvt.Business. Full time trader

Excellent trading calls! This is what's REAL research. Extremely bold view. I am three times more confidence in markets now in any type of situation.

Ravi Menon, Mumbai, PSU Exe.

I think, the assured profit products are best, I am an intraday nifty member continuously for last 3 months.

Mrs. Shrushti, housewife, Tamilnadu

I recommend Megha CapitalTM to all who want to create another source of income for their family and future financial goals.

- Rabi Mohammad, UAE

. I like their renewal based business model and not chasing daily new clients by so called free tips. This is quite an assurance for quality service.

Soparkar, Software Developer, Bangalore

PMS/Account Handling Service gives people like me who want to benefit from market but don't have time. Kudos to the research team!

Surjit Singhania, via SMS

I have been blindly following your delivery calls. I had to keep patience in few but most made me extra ordinary profits. This I realize now when I see in hindsight. Thank you. God bless.

Bhupendra, Trivendram, via Contact Form

Good service, continue the same.
thank your very much.
good job done.
extensive research.
thanking your once again.

Divyang Vora, Bharuch


K Khantwal, Ponta Sahib, H.P

Your news letter weekly is very appreciable and is according to market trends. I congratulate for these efforts.

Mayapati, Kerala

Your trading calls are great, but the way you predict the intermediate and long term trend is excellent...

Babu George, Tamilnadu, via Contact form

Keep it up team!

Sarish, Karnataka, Via Smsgupshup free groups

Very good analysis.

Moksha, Via Smsgupshup free groups

Your method is so impressive. I like it very much.

Avadhoot S, India

Megha Investments research team is simply outstanding! They give more than just tips...

Sudhir Shah, Surat

Sir, I have searched many websites, but your articles are best. I look forward to become paid member in next year.

Rajnishkumar Surendrakumar, Hariyana

Their investors advisory products are best that I got. I lost money on so-called famous websites who advertise on moneycontrol.com etc.and received useless so-called multibagger tips every week 5! Thanks to megha investments team, who discussed with me and got my portfolio right. Thanks..

Mr.Senthil, Banguluru

Your communication is very good. Your sms are swift and timely. I never had to wait for right update anytime in last one and a half month. I get sms after market close regarding how many points (in nifty fut) I earned or lost and net trading result. I like this system. It is a very good discipline for me. Thanks.

Kishorbhai, Patan/Jalna

Their assured profits commodity advice service is unmatchable. I was earlier a desperate trader who liked to remain on the phone with my advisory throughout the day. But megha inv team made me a cool and calm trader. Now I simply follow their message for trades and strategy as explained by them. I make 50% more than earlier. Thanks to megha investments team.

Sunil Nai, Trivendram

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Krupalesh TN, Haridwar, via phone

Your research on website is excellent. I will come to you only when I start trading and investing in markets.

Saurabh Jain, Faridabad

I became a loser intraday stock trader to a pro nifty intraday trader. All credit goes to megha investments guys!!

Chandrasekshar, Andhra/Mumbai

I have not traded much. But as an investor I saved ** lakh rupees, selling some stocks given alert by megha investment team. The money I saved was more than what I paid for their advice.

Bhavesh Shah and Gauresh Shah, Surat

I lost money to a couple of so called advisory/telemarketing companies. Megha research team not only recovered my money but also help me regain my confidence in markets. Thanks a lot.

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