11 Points To Consider Before Joining Any Stock Trading Advisory

Our CHALLENGE if you find even 1 advisory firm competing with us in below parameters of genuinity then you will get all our service lifetime free !

1. Old firm:

We are operating since last more than 8 years (in 2017). Most firms are very new. So they don’t have old and experienced analysts. How to verify this? You can go to our site and check on this link www.meghainvestments.blogspot.in you will find our updated research since 2008 when Google introduced their blogger service in India (We don’t know the launch year exactly, but the point is that it was new and nascent in India). So, experience is definitely a plus point. Besides if we are here for so many years then we definitely have more knowledge and experience and have given better service to our customers that is the reason we have been able to survive and thrive this long.

We were one of the 5 firms who started this whole business of advisory in our country- in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and then it spread in whole India in last 8-9 years. All companies closed down who started with us, only we are surviving. Why? We explain it further here.

So, the point is we get the marks for OLD ESTABLISHMENT and STILL WORKING, SINCE 2008 title which is a one of a great comparison point with any other service provider when you are concerned about the type of quality of service you might get.

2. HOW WE STARTED/NOT FOR PROFIT OR BUSINESS:Also, our firm is not a private limited or limited co. so we are a basically a group of analysts who started this site and started putting their research ideas and articles and stock tips as part of their study while they were studying their post graduation in different fields. Then after due to market boom and request and demand of many, they started giving professional/paid advice service for very low amount. Then as the time went they started their broking and other business and as the customer increased to give better service, they also increased their charges. That is the reason our charges are one of the highest in industry. So, thus you now know that our firm is operated and owned by analysts themselves and not started by persons who wanted to earn money as an advisory business.  Because then the ‘businessman’s sole motive will be to earn day to day or month to month income and he would do anything to achieve that, including indulging into malpractices. So, this also clears the point that our analysts do not change, so that is why our system of research also remains consistent and the benefit of maturity and experience is gained by customers who join year after another. Not like other companies where analysts change on almost monthly basis (that too newbies and inexperienced ones mostly- those passed out of college – they are really cheap and smart experienced analysts can’t be afforded by so-called telemarketing advisory companies – and the fact smart experienced analysts won’t go for job rather than do their independent business), and thus customers don’t get benefit of the experienced analysts. Thus we are not strictly for earning money and not work with sales target or fee collection target.