11 Points To Consider Before Joining Any Stock Trading Advisory


You will find that most of so called advisory co. websites you surf, just go to their about us page and other pages too. You will find that many are just copied and pasted the entire content or 70%+ is similar. Even other pages like products etc. also are also same. 

Why? Because many of them are owned and operated by a syndicate of persons or one person alone. You can also see how the ‘services’ page is more or less the same in all of the so-called advisory websites, with little bit difference of name of service. The most nonsensical aspect is how they simply ask for charges of Rs. 10000 and even as high as 1 lakh and more by merely making a TABLE depicting name of service and 3-4 more lines and simply putting PAY NOW ONLINE or bank account detail!! Don’t they have any value for such amount? They are asking for such exorbitant sum as charge without any description or detail or explanation of their service and what it is all about and why should one take it; save the argument about establishment or credibility! God! And only use these different name sites to lure inquiries so that they can offer them free trial and cut them clean! ON THE OTHER HAND, you check out our site, from about us to services page you will not find even 1% similarity between 99% so called advisory firms and our site. Why, because we are different and unique, we have created our site as our shop and it is mostly representing what we are and we have poured years of research and experience in making and polishing our site and products. Our site is not simply a marketing tool or a platform for generating traffic and getting inquiries for free trials. No. We have content because we are a REAL GENUINE ORGANISATION WITH REAL PEOPLE. That is why we stand out of them all. THIS IS HOW YOU VERIFY AND SEPARATE GENUINE BUSINESS FROM THE UNSCRUPULOUS CHEATERS OPERATING TO LOOT PEOPLE.

Clearly you will find that our services are designed, improved and polished over the time with the experience of analysts who provide it and of course with the help of hundreds of customers we have been able to service over the past years.


Just see the variety of our services. Om most of the other sites you will find almost common services with fancy names like jackpot nifty and so on. Also their service has no description or one two lines of description. And in one page it is complete. A MERE ONE PAGE FOR ALL SERVICE! But on our site each and every service is distinct and you will find a long page giving explanation about service with definition and example. We have given utmost clarity to our visitors about our product. Why and how? Because this is result of our years of experience and work. We have not come to make these products but OUR SERVICES HAVE BEEN EVOLVED AND REFINED AND REDESIGNED AND POLISHED AND PERFECTED OVER SEVERAL YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, and that is how we have them and other don’t. Also, we don’t have fancy names. It’s a bad way of marketing really.


One staggering upper hand we have over 99.99% of so called tip business fraudsters/operators is that – we have been giving SERVICES FOR LONG TERM INVESTORS for past many years. This is for investors who are investing for long term and not trading. We have 5 totally distinct and unique services for such people. I challenge you will not find such anywhere. Because as said above, they are designed by our years and years of experience and expertise and polished over and over again and perfected. So, this is our holistic approach, we have fundamental analysis resources for the same. Ask those all cheating free-tips advisory private limited cos. or individuals what do they have for long term investors? They will say they are not interested because they want instant money and that is possible only by giving free tips for day-trading and then grab money if they are lucky. So, don’t fall victim to such fraudsters. This is also another proof that we are not here to only make profit but to give required and suitable service/to serve the traders and investors honestly and genuinely, and also guide people who are long term investors and promote long term investors- and not only loot people by pushing them all to day trading only.