11 Points To Consider Before Joining Any Stock Trading Advisory


You will find bank account detail given on all websites as well as online payment link. WHY WE HAVE NOT PUT? We could also put, but we have not put because we are not too much eager to take your money. We FIRST WANT TO DISCUSS WITH YOU. That is why we have not put our bank detail on site or no online payment link. We will first discuss and if we agree about our service then we give you bank detail to make payment, and not otherwise. Another reason is also to avoid problematic/rigid customers, who are only losers and want to blame only and not change. They will first make payment and then not trade as per our advice but do only what they have to do, then blame us, so to avoid waste of time an loss of reputation due to complaints of such fanatics also we have not put bank detail or online payment link on our site. Also many people used to pay money then ask us to give service as per their desire, and we don’t do it so we had to refund their money and that also used to waste a lot time and bank charges and tax entries also.


We have clearly written on our home page that first discuss then join our service. Don’t decide out of hurry or by simply reading our products detail. This is because we want to make sure that everyone selects suitable service. And of course we are not eager that customer pay money as fast as possible. We are not concerned with customer payments but customer satisfaction. Also we don’t take payment of enroll customers unless we discuss with them thoroughly and are satisfied that the person is given right service. Also that is why you will find in our contact form also, an option to choose ‘I want to discuss’ option. Also, by talking with them we want to make them aware about right approach towards market and teach them basic rules and requirements and pitfalls of market mistakes so that they don’t get bitter experience in market that is why also we want them to discuss with us.


The fact of market is that market is very good for some days while bad for some days and just on the sidelines on other days. Many times market is completely uncertain and there is no-clue as to where it is heading. Also, sometime some international or domestic news flow is dominating market and making it impossible to predict or move. While in years many months are filled with 2-5 holidays also. Thus, we developed these ASSURED PROFIT products, as we understand that we cannot bind market in time/months. And if we try to do it we will lose money. Because there are many days when we don’t know what to do or it is highly risky or completely uncertain etc. and on those days we trade or send calls then we are/customer bound to lose money. But that is what happened in monthly service. So, we came out with this profit-bound service where we give assurance of profit, and till that amount of profit is achieved to the customer our service continues, our responsibility towards the customer continues. Our another logic is also that in monthly service suppose we keep sending you calls/sms, what is its value, you don’t pay us fees to receive a 25 paisa SMS service! NO! You give charges to GET ACTUAL PROFIT IN STOCK TRADING! So, just SMS is not what you want, you want actual profit. In our assured profit system it is possible. Visit our site for more detail of the same.


Our logo and brand name is registered trademark, and one of the first in this industry. Nowadays some companies have also done this after copying us. Why it is important. BECAUSE WE HAVE A BRAND NAME REPUTATION/GOODWILL that is why we had to protect it an many times taken action and closed some firms who used our name by help of law in the past. Those people who are operating for many years and for long term in future AND WHO THINKG OR WANT TO MAKE THEIR FIRM A BRAND NAME only worry about protecting their brand name…OTHER WISE WHY WILL THEY WORRY ABOUT OTHER USING THEIR NAME…but we worry. So we have our registered trademark for many years now. This is not the only but one of the logical points to consider while choosing better advisor. Also, please beware of persons SELLING OR PITCHING SERVICES BY FLAUNTING THEIR SEBI REGISTRATION, AS IT TAKES ONLY RS.15,000 TO REGISTER AND ANYONE CAN GET REGISTRATION NUMBER BY PASSING A SIMPLE EXAM. 


Yes…we are receiving all the inquiries by ‘mouth publicity’ or word of mouth by our satisfied clients of past years. We are automatically ranking on Google search because our site is so much full of best content and research and several years older that it is automatically listed on top pages for which other money-looting advisory pay lacs of rupees to SEO experts and also spend lacs on Google and facebook ads. This is also a big point to consider while find genuine advisory company. We are not saying that those who advertise are all bad. But this point is also important and should be considered among the other above listed points. We also don’t worry about getting new customers and inquiries because we do not give free trials and because we are serving for many years, and that’s why we already have many clients to thrive and survive. So, just think twice when you open advisory websites by clicking on advertisements.
Also just imagine, all those telemarketing advisory companies who put up so much infrastructure and manpower and spend lacs on SEO or marketing, huge telemarketing sales team costs etc., have to earn a minimum amount every month or they will have to shut down the very next month. So, they will engage and employ all kinds of malpractice, misleading things, and fraud tactics to lure customers. They will definitely make people bet big and do gambling so that customer earns or loses big and they can get big amounts in profit sharing fees etc. On the other hand like we said, we do not spend 1 rupee on advertisement, so do not have compulsion to have minimum income per month and that helps us remain honest to our customers and not make them take huge risks and eventually lose their capital.