BEPL : A good bet for short-medium term swing investor

Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd is engaged in manufacturing and sale of ABS Resins, AES Resins, ASA resins, SAN resins and their alloys with other plastics in the Indian market.
Its customers include leading companies dealing in Automobiles, Home Appliances, Electronics, Healthcare and Kitchenware.

The chemical segment is booming right now with several stocks giving manifold returns in this segment; be it specialty or non-specialty chemical.

This company is a debt-free company.

PE ratio is merely 10 on the latest EPS.

Market cap is 3100 crore against 1300 cr. top-line. The sales is doubled in 5 years.

A pretty long stock performance history does not say much to boost the long call. But we are recommending only on the basis of present data points.

The stock can hit 500 mark and then poise for further upmove as at that point it will achieve 20-30 PE at TTM EPS considering this happens in 6-18 months, which looks like it easily can.

Disclaimer : This information is only for educational purpose and not a recommendation to buy or sell stocks. Also in this dynamic global world, companies and sectors rise and fall, so ‘buy and forget’ or passive investment in stocks has become a thing of past. Similarly, our recommendation for this stock/market can also change accordingly. You need regular updates and monitoring of your stock investment to consider ‘hold or exit’ action based on company results and other affecting factors. You need to open Demat a/c with us or join our PMS Service for the same. Also, there can not be any protection against accounting and related fraud by promoters or other type of unforeseen business and economic risk which might strike suddenly and turn the condition upside down.