Educational Service : Live Training to Traders

At MEGHA CAPITAL, we have always focused on giving knowledge based enrichment to our customers.

In this EDUCATIONAL SERVICE, our analyst will teach traders how to master the 3 tenets of trading viz. MIND, MONEY AND METHOD; literally in that order, as we believe their importance.

We will send live trades with levels, not for trading, as we are not trying to provide advisory services or trading calls; but we will send live trades along with reasoning how we selected that stock/instrument and why along with logic and chart patterns that we identified.

Also, how and why we assigned the particular entry and SL or TGT at the given level only.

If there is any premature exit then the reasoning behind that will also be tought.

If a learner has any query regarding his own position or some prospective position that he has found out then he/she may ask question about the same.

The whole objective of this so-called LIVE TRADERS DAILY WORKSHOP is to teach hard-core practical approach to trading, and most importantly to identify and rectify trading mistakes.

In most live workshop or training, they will show you trades and make trades. Our this educational and training course is even one-step ahead of that.

Please contact to join this program.