India Cements Ltd: Short Term View

As we saw in our previous market views how the markets are in a range and may break out any side. The upside break out is above 11,000 and during that or after that happens we need to remain ready with our buy list of stocks, even if the break out doesn’t happen and market languish within the range, the individual midcap et al stocks will give rally and we need to take benefit of it. Pls remember these are just trading calls as we will see MF and inst. buying and lack of trading short selling by FPI and big traders. This is only technical bounce and some fundamental long only investors buying upmove. So, trade in that manner and not like its a continuing bull market trend. Everytime market or stocks go up is not a bull market. We are in a sideways market and you need to learn how to trade it. We will update more such short term technical buying calls.

So, buy India Cement around CMP 88.