What is your style? Know this for 100% success in stock trading

The importance of a personal style of trading in success in stock markets/Finding best interaction model between you and markets/Most important thing you’ll ever need to know to succeed in trading!

This is perhaps one of the top 3 most important aspects of trading and becoming consistently successful at it.

Here we are not talking about the different ‘methods’ of trading such as intraday, swing trading, and so on. I prefer to call them as ‘methods’. But yes, they too, do inculcate in the broad topic of ‘your style’ which we are going to discuss in this topic.

What is your style? What is your style of trading? Yes, Do you know your style of trading? If the answer is a definite ‘no’ or even a vague ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’, then you need to very very seriously start contemplating on this subject if you want to ever succeed in trading.

One thing we all know and agree is that we all are different, we all look different and we all think different. Similarly, the stock (or any trading market for that matter like commodities, forex and so on) market also has a personality. A personality of many. Don’t get confused yet. The stock market is not a biological entity or any paranormal entity of ‘one’. The stock market is a consensus of numerous entities. It consists of millions of entities, so millions of personalities. The stock market is in constant motion because of the actions of these millions of entities. Actually we got a bit off the topic.

Understand this. The stock market is not a profession. Stock trading can be a profession. But it is unlike a dentist or a doctor where there is more or less standardization of processes. You want a dental implant or a root canal; same process will be used by a dentist whether in India or in Australia or almost anywhere in the world. While not all traders who earn earn by following similar processes. This is what I call personality or style. The dentist doesn’t have the luxury or liberty of ‘his style’ but the trader has not just ‘luxury ‘or ‘liberty’ but in fact ‘necessity’ regarding ‘his style’. He has to have a style of his own.