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People ask us what is Operator calls? They also want us to differentiate How our OPERATOR BASED CALLS/SURESHOT Calls are different than those of other anonymous dot com advisory companies. Here are some points of differences as well some descriptions for the OPERATOR BASED SURESHOT CALLS service, as we deliberate and contemplate.

First of all what is the meaning of operators?

Friends and operator can be any one of below:      

A mutual fund, a brokerage house, an FII, a Corporate, an Insurance company or any other type of institutional participant or it can also be an Individual.      

Operator word is not always a word used for or concludes manipulation. Yes many times it is. They are called operators because they literally ‘operate’ the stock when we said it to be operated by some operator. Confused? It simply means that the stocks at that particular time is driven ONLY AND ONLY due to the activity and operations of the said operator. And not due to the common/normal or general course of trading activity.          

These mainly happen due to voluminous activity by them. If they are buying price will go up. If selling then price will go down.

This is how our SURESHOT CALLS are different than other host of anonymous dot com advisory companies SURESHOT/JACKPOT CALLS..

Many of them even give DAILY ONE SUCH SURESHOT CALL. This is ridiculous. It is not possible unless they themselves are the operators. Or are in capacity of having links and real-time knowledge of reliable operator buy sell information. Trust us this is nearly impossible.

That’s why we give only one call in a week. Yes we come around a couple or three but after filtering one is enough to gain reasonable and low-risk gains. So Never fall in trap of the people claiming to give DAILY ONE SURESHOT CALL. Not even us if we do. Another thing that they do not disclose as to the quantity to trade and percentage points of SL and gain. How can a successful trade possible without money management and risk management at place. IMPOSSIBLE.

There are 4 component of trading successfully :

  1. Trading Psychology
  2. Risk-management
  3. Money-management
  4. Accuracy of calls (trading signals etc.)

We give quantity and advanced SL and TGT levels in our this SURESHOT OPERATOR BASED STOCK TIPS . Also these levels are calculated on the basis of calculation based on money management and risk management considerations and calculations. This is done so that at the end of the month any member who has followed our advice of quantity and SL, TGT levels is more than 90% of the time in profit only. THAT IS MORE THAN 5 TIMES THE FEE WE CHARGE. (This funda we have always been telling you to expect and seek at least 5 times value of the fee you pay, for e.g. expect gain of 5000 for a fee of Rs.1000.)

Other names for this service can be Jackpot calls, Sure shot calls, Rocket Calls, Fire Calls etc.


This service is aimed at providing insider information based and stock-operators and speculators based stock (cash and stock futures) recommendation service to the retail investors and traders. We observed that the traders are literally looted or/and misguided by promotions of so-called Jackpot Calls/SureShot Calls etc. we came across the bitter experiences of several persons who fell in trap and lost heavily by haphazardly and randomly over-speculating on such tips without the support of proper calculative money management technique and back-up plan in case of failure of these so-called Sureshot tips. This led us to do some in house research (as we always do before launching any product-like we last time did in now famous positional trading calls service “Fii Trades Theory”  and observation into this kind of Highly Speculative/information/stock-operator/speculator based Shorter term Stock recommendation which is/has been popularly known as Jackpot Calls (or so-called so) or Sureshot calls.

The MEGHA INVESTMENTS & RESEARCH TEAM is known for its proven past track record, bold predictions, quality of service, branding of product, affordable fee structure and most importantly consistent accuracy. There has been always a sense of responsibility and accountability in everything we do, speak, write or offer in terms of our service or during the course giving free advice. The research team has always put its analysts names forward and gave emphasis to their strong belief that stock market advisory as a profession can serve better to investors/traders-than providing stock tips as business to make money like any other business. After all why trust such website/company who does not even mention a single living person’s name-forget about the name of analysts or owners of business? Our transparent, open and straight forward attitude has always made people motivate us to become innovative and practical at the same time. The constant encouragement from their side has given us motivation, courage, patience, and room to take our time and offer good services which they can accept with confidence, trust and affordability.

Please understand the risk of trading in our (or anyone else’s’ similar service) this OPERATOR BASED SURESHOT WEEKLY ONE stock recommendation service. In of case the call going wrong we may have to book loss to preserve our capital from getting eroding. Although our stock filtering process and built-in application of money management tool gives us freedom from ‘risk of ignorance’ and increases our odds to profit a big move in short time of one week. We don’t give guarantee for internet communication. We have dedicated Client Support Executive (CSE) who are allotted limited number of clients to handle them and serve them. The subscriber will be given the phone number of one dedicated CSE. Don’t take chances or showcase carelessness in executing our service messages. Become conscious trader to avoid bitter experiences.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss you stock market activity and our operator calls/operator sureshot calls. Thank you. You may write me on contact@meghacapital.in Thank you.