Past Performance

Please note that our stock recommendations are based on purely fundamental valuations. And we tend to incline more on A group companies. If there is good return opportunity in A group firms then we less prefer to venture into B, C group or penny stocks. A group does not exclude Mid cap stocks. As many A group Blue chips are Mid cap companies.

  • Also note that this stock recommendation performance is absolute. We prefer to recommend stock investing as per the need for individual client. So some client invested in some stock and other in others. We encourage clients to ask for specific advisory in terms of their investment needs based on their holding duration, risk appetite and return goal; as against simply sending out recommendation to the list of clients and leaving the action part up to them.
  • To understand more, please check out in detail the unique different types of service we provide to investors.
  • We believe booking profits are as much important as much buying stocks. We many times ask our clients to book profit and take out the original capital and keep the profits invested which essentially make their investment cost zero and risk free.
  • The strategy and stock selection for investors who want to invest for 5 or 10 years or even longer will be drastically different than for those who want to invest for 3 months, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years.
  • All stock selection are and must be based purely on fundamental analysis and NOT technical analysis or charting as it is popularly known. Beware of advisors who do so, as such practice is increasing among investment consultants day by day which is lethal for investors’ capital safety.
  • Two most important considerations in stock investing. 1. Most important thing is safety of capital, and 2. Compensating return in terms of overall market move and stock selection segment e.g. large cap, mid cap, small cap, penny stock. Which means first priority is capital protection and second priority is that the investor should get return as well when he or she is taking risk in the equity markets as per their individual preferences.