The TRAP of Free Trials: Read why Free Trials is a scam and a constant malpractice or cheating operated by many stock advisory websites/companies.

Let us start by understanding that a firm want to generate maximum profits and for that it want maximum leads and if any firm want to generate maximum possible revenue at all/any point of time then it is clear that it do not care about the quality of service and renewal/retention of customer, this is a logic of common understanding.

 Also, as you can see that their staff is occupied always with talking to and providing trials to new inquiries persons, they do not have time to give service (forget ‘quality service’) to existing customers. (The reason is) they do not have any such thing as ‘quality service’ in the first place. How and why?, you will understand in the following to come.

Readiness to give trials for avisory firms to anyone at any time is like an airline company selling air tickets to any one who want it at any time they want, without any count of concern of the actual seats they have on pane. However, it is a pity that investors do not thing in this much depth while putting their money on trade on free advise given by any such tom, dick and harry type website/telemarketing advisory company.


Point 1 talked about the pure profit maximization objective of those all advisory companies who give ‘free trials’, without concern of quality/availability of service & customer retention or customer renewal fees. Se, essentially companies providing ‘trials’ target ‘everyday new inquiries’. In a bitter words, their business is not to provide good/right advice to customer and retain him (also earn renewal fees) but their objective is to take (cheat) money out of just another some new guys who unfortunately (fortunately for the cheating firm) happened to land on the company’s site and got lured out of free trial OR got ‘cold-called’ and enticed to take trial over phone by the company.

 This 2nd point, you will understand is about that most of such companies’ whose website you stumble upon and feed data for trial or agree to take trial on a marketing cold call you received; is do give trial only for 1 day or max to max 3 days. They do not give trial for usually more than that weather the trials got right or wrong. Now, the point is CAN YOU DETERMINE ON THE QUALITY/ACCURACY OF THE TIPS/ADVISE/TRADING CALL OF THE ANALYST/COMPANY ON THE BASIS OF A COUPLE OF DAYS TRIAL? A smart person would not so it. However, again the pity is so many investors do not think in depth and logically about this & fall in this ‘Trap of Trial’.