The TRAP of Free Trials: Read why Free Trials is a scam and a constant malpractice or cheating operated by many stock advisory websites/companies.

As you will also agree no one can determine any analyst’s accuracy by a couple of tips/or couple of days of trial calls. Because some really god analyst’s tips would go wrong some consequent days and some completely bad/random tip-provider can go right. However, good analyst will always have a better track record over a couple of weeks than a random tips-provider. So, if you want trial sample trading calls and the advisory company is willing to give you sample calls, then ask for more than 10 trading days sample calls to determine their accuracy and customer support service both. Otherwise you will stay away after knowing the logics and arguments given here. However, I guarantee you no advisory will give you trial of more than 1-3 day. It just do not fit into their basket of ‘trick of trial’ by which they have created this ‘trap of trial’ for you!  However, even if your trial tips provide advisory operator agrees to give you 5 or 10 days trial, then, after reading the following point-3, you will know how the ‘free trial’ provider must have tricked you in giving successful trials for constant days…

Typically free trial giving stock advisory firms operate by many names in this manner to dupe investors

  This thing never came to my mind on its own…I was reading a book ‘Fooled by Randomness’ by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and found the mention of the mass mal-practice adopted by the stock newsletter/advisory providers. Then, later on we checked out on our own by cross checking and other means and sources; only to find out that Indian Investors and Traders taking ‘Free Trials’ advise/tips are cheated by this mass mal-practice or trick by advisory firms.

 As said in point no.1 ‘trial’ firms target maximum  inquiries at all/any point of time. So, usually they have a good number of prospective/potential customer who can pay after getting trials. So, what these firms do is that suppose if they have, say, 40 Trial-Customers on any day they will give a call of .e.g ‘Buy Reliance Industries Ltd at cmp-750…’ to only 20 persons (not all 40) & give ‘Sell Reliance Industries Ltd at cmp-750…’  to another 20 persons! Yes, this is shocking for average investor/trader looking for some good advice to make some money in stock markets. See, it is just as simple as that for these unscrupulous so-called stock avisory companies. There is no such thing as research/analysis  & advice; it is pure trick to grab money by generating maximum leads/inquiries online/offline.