The TRAP of Free Trials: Read why Free Trials is a scam and a constant malpractice or cheating operated by many stock advisory websites/companies.

  This 50-50 buy-sale trick is extended from there. In the above illustration as you saw buy call of RIL was given to half (20) persons and sell call of the same stock at same price at same time was given to  another half (20) of them. So, either of it will be proved right. Suppose, the stock risen and thus the 20 persons who were given a buy call were given a successful/right/accurate call. Now they will try to take money from this 20 persons on the basis of this so called successful and accurate call/sample free trial provided to them. However many customer will not buy on the basis of 1 day trial, some do. So , now the cheat advisory company/analyst would again repeat the same trick on those 20 trial persons. It divides them into 2 trial groups again (10+10) and then gives buy call to one group and sell call to another group of 10 persons for the same stock/commodity at the same price at the same time as done earlier. As you know any one is going to be right. Here, those 20 people were already given 1 so-called ‘successful’ trial and out of them now 10 person have taken 2nd successful trial. Now the company will again ask for money from these 10 persons claiming that they were given ‘two sureshot trials’ as promised. And if some customers tell to give more trial, then again they will repeat the same trick, divide these 10 persons into two group of 5+5 and then again give buy call to one and give sell call to another group of 5. Thus, as you can predict, 20 customers out of those 40 trial inquiry people are given 1 so-called ‘sureshot’ call, 1 are given 2  constant successful trials calls/tips and 5 are given 3 constant successful trial tips! These operation, the company will complete in one day of in three days. Just imagine a website based advisory firm may not get too many inquiries but a web based and as well doing cols calling marketing as well, the trial-system/trial operating company can give trial to daily 100-200 or even more persons wanting to take trials as they usually have a call center-type set up. Suppose, they run a  people trial group there will have 50 persons daily with so-called ‘1 sure shot trial’. And 25 person whom they would have given 2 constant ‘right/accurate’ trial. And 12 persons who are given constant 3 right trials!! This is mind boggling. Isn’t it!

 Now, after reading all this ,if you still rely on trials and ask for trials, then its all up to your common-sense and logic….


POINT 4:           

Most websites do not have actual business firm or offices and not even analysts. They are only a way to get data, to generate leads for free trials on whom then they can operate the ‘buy sale 50 50’ trick.

POINT 6:           

This in fact, is only a different version of the’buy sale 50 50′ cheating trick employed by most stock advisory operators.

  We understood how XYZ STOCKS ADVISORY would offer free trials to persons, and then divide them into two groups and give buy and sale calls to different group at the same time, for the same stock/commodity. But, another way to do the same trick is that in this example, the XYZ STOCK advisory will give the buy call to half of those who were scheduled for trials on that day, the half of the persons will be given sell call for the same stock at the same time by another ABC STOCK advisory company which is nothing but another name under which the same operator is operating. So, thus, they employ the same trick in different manner.

The’ buy-sale 50 50′ trick is a complete cheating and a clear mass malpractice. However, there are also some another ‘modest’ ways by which these behind-the-scene so called stock advisory operators use the huge data of leads collected by their various different named blogs, sites and cold calling; and employ various probability  theory and games to try their best to ‘get you’ to pay by disguising a ‘good trial’, without any relation, relevance, concern or worry of actual analysis, or accuracy and worry or concern for good customer service or any object of customer renewal income or retention ratio.

So, thus once you get into this ‘trap of trials’, they will get you any how! Yes, if you are not caught in their various trick in the unscrupulous ABC STOCKS advisory, then some days later they will try to get you in their XYZ STOCKS advisory by like this simply changing name, without you coming to know that this is the same operator which you did not like. Then they will change another name, and another site and another phone, because it is a no big thing to change a name, website and phone it?

And yes, one another thing. They will come for you even after they have looted you once and you got rid of them. Suppose, got into their one of trick, and by bad luck paid money as fees, and then made a loss in trading/investing on their so-called tips (you are bound to lose as they are not any type of analyst or do any research or as explained logically, give any service. They only want to take money by using this simple ‘business model’ or money making idea. So what will the operator do is, that if he got you loss in his say ABC STOCKS advisory, then he will from their pass your data to his XYZ STOCKS advisory, and try to get you in that. And if you did not got in or got in and again lost money, then his another PQR STOCKS advisory is passed on your data and ready to ‘churn’ you and ‘extract’ you, whatever ‘juice’ is left, if any!

So, from now on whenever you stumble upon some website which offer free trial or get some cold-call marketing phone which offer you a couple of days of ‘sureshot’ calls free trial tips, because now you know that it is nothing but the ‘Trap of Trial’

Disclaimer: This article is issues in public interest and do not aim at defaming a particular industry or company. Resemblance of any name mentioned is merely coincidence. Readers are advised to employ their own discretion. The article has been prepared by writers at MEGHA CAPITAL, based on their study and analysis. Readers may contact us for further clarification.