Why Do You Need A Personal Advisor For Stock Market Investment?

These days, most wannabe investors try to search their way through Google and a host of Youtube videos or free android apps for searching ‘tips’ for their stock investment needs.

This is disastrously wrong. What one should do is to develop a basic and sound understanding of what is investing, how it works and why does he/she need it? Then try to find a good investment advisor with established track record. By track record I do not mean some excel sheet of day trading tips but many years of research publications in the form of blog articles, social media posts and so on. Also, check out what kind of due diligence they ask for before you join their service and whether the advisor shows you an overly rosy picture about both, the market and his expertise or gives realistic estimates. That will be all and you are good to go.

Anyways, having said everything, I have tried to jot down some points as to why do anyone need or should seek a personal advisor for their stock market investment.

  • Listed stocks are highest complex and volatile out of all the asset class available.
  • Get best return on your investment because that is why we invest in stock market otherwise why take the risk.
  • In today’s dynamic word ‘buy and forget’ strategy will NOT work as sectors and companies’ fortunes go up and down dramatically.
  • Many times your stock goes up and comes back down. This results in paper profits. You need someone to alert you to ‘book profits’ as a very essential part of any portfolio strategy in these times.
  • You need expert who can full time watch your stock investment and make changes accordingly so as to avoid losses in declining companies and get benefit in rising sectors.
  • An expert stock analyst will have a ‘avoid stocks list’ and ‘avoid price list’. These will let you not get trapped in phony/bubble stocks and overvalued stocks, saving your capital.
  • You need fulltime expert as you cannot track new opportunities and existing portfolio because of your full time job/business.
  • There are hundreds of listed companies, new IPO, FPO, mutual funds schemes. It is impossible to track them unless you have full time advisor.
  • If you want to go one step ahead and integrate your stock investment into your Financial Planning, then also knowledgeable stock market expert will be a key advisor.

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