Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions. Some answers are very long so we have provided comprehensive explanation in blog posts of which lnks are given here.
Apart from that you can discuss with our executive or write us for any queries that you may have and get a complete understanding to your questions.

#1: What type of service do you provide ?

We provide stock and commodity trading and investment advisory service for intraday and short term traders and long term investors.

#2: How do you provide the service?

We provide advisory service via phone, sms, and messenger and email as per the requirement.

#3: Do you provide trial or sample calls?

No, we do not provide trial or sample calls.

#4: Do you provide customized advisory services?

Yes, we have several standardized packages to choose from while we also provide customized advisory service suitable to one's preferences.

#5: Do you have different analyst team for investment advisory?

Yes, We have fundamental analyst and economics team for investment advisory.

#6:Do you have different analyst team for trading advisory?

Yes. We have technical, derivatives and maths analyst team for trading.

#7:Do you have different analyst team for Commodity Advisory Services?

Yes. We have different team of technical and fundamental analyst in Commodity Segment also.

#8: Do you provide free tips trials?

No. We do not provide free trial. However we provide a Postpaid Calls and Moneyback Guarantee Calls Service for suspecting potential clients.

#9: Do you provide different phone line of customer care executive for paid customer?

Yes. We have different priority phone line for paid customers. New inquiries are handled with general lines given on the website. Phone numbers exclusively for paid customers are only given to paid customers.

#10: Do you provide simply tips or advice or Do you guide customers before and through his/her Service starts?

We follow approach of 'Strategy based Advisory'. So, we provide 1st complete understanding to any inquiry about our service and different products and what they actually want or should be wanting. Then after selecting right product/service, we give the customer teaching of all the basic rules of following our service. Then in 3rd step, we remain in constant touch with our new customer so that he becomes completely self-reliant in following our advice successfully as planned.

#11:Do you give receipt of fees/charges paid to you?

Yes. We give pdf. version email to each subscriber of our service. We also deliver physical bill of fee payment to customer who want and gives address.

#12: Do you provide 100% Moneyback guarantee service?

Yes. We provide 100% fee refund guarantee service. Please check out detail in products page.

#13:Do you provide profit sharing advice plan?

Yes. We provide profit sharing advice plan with first time advance fees option.

#14: Do you provide Updates and Advice service about Global Markets?

Yes. We provide SMS and Email Advisory updates Service on Global Markets.

#15: Do you provide Currency/Forex markets advice?

Yes. We provide currency markets advice in limited pair of currencies traded internationally.

#16: Are your analysts experienced, qualified and experts?

Yes. Our analysts are professionals certified with certificates from stock exchanges and highly educationally qualified. They are experienced with many bull and bear markets and history of world stock markets. Our analysts are also working with us for more than 5 years now, so customers get equal accuracy of calls at all the times.

#17: Do you provide any free service?

Of course. We have been providing a lot of beneficial services via our blog and email newsletters and free sms updates as well as Facebook updates. Please register free or join us on Facebook and register in our blog updates. There is already lot of time-less valuable content you will find there.

#18: Do you give discount offers to subscribers?

Yes. We announce discount offers at different occasions during the year. We also give guaranteed discount to existing subscriber who subscribes for another service.

#19:Do you think money can be made in stock market?

Yes. 100%. But, one must understand the difference between investing and trading first. Then he/she should decide about her plan for both and then go ahead. Ignorance is not a bliss in the market. That is why we have all the products with as much specifications as much possible. We also follow an approach of 'Discuss before you Do' under which we want our prospective customers to discuss with us about their present stock market activities and what they want to do now on.

#20: Do you also provide stock investment recommendation?

Yes. Megha Investments and Research is one of very few stock market advisory company which put emphasize on its investment advisory work as much as its trading advisory services. We have clearly defined 2 type of advisory products for those who want to invest only in stocks and not do trading.

#21:Are your services flexible?

Yes. Our all services are flexible in sense of product specifications and delivery of service.

#22: Do you allow switches within your services?

Yes. If after starting our one service, any customer feels that he doesn't want to continue that service and start some another service, then we will discuss with the customer first and then allow him to switch to new service. Ultimately, the customer must make profit from stock market in any service he choses. However, at the same time he must be aware of the service specifications and his expectations from stock markets and weather he is ready to follow our advise with guidance also.

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