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You don't want the hassle and risk of trading, then we have you covered!

Choose suitable product from innovative and enriching product from basket ofour investment advisory services.

Short Term, Mid Term or Long Term. Return is assured with robust fundamental analysis and 10 yrs. of knowledge and pool of 90%+ of listed companies analysis.

Solid Fundamental Research

Research coverage of almost 90%+ listed companies on BSE and NSE gives you edge over other advisors who track limited sector and stocks. Also make faster decisions to take benefit of 'small windows of opportunities' in the market which makes big different many times.

Products Suiting everyone

Different Innovativeproducts suiting to all types of investors weather short term, or long term; be risk averse or risk taker. Whatever your Risk, Return, Holding duration; we have the right product for you.

Achieve Financial Goals

Meet your financial goals with confidence. Sound investment in equities is a trusted tool to achieve your financial goals be it retirement planning, child education or buying new home.

Exit Strategy Important

We don't just recommend to buy. We don't leave you until you have booked profit. Many times investors miss profit or sink capital due to lack of update/alert. For us 3 steps, Entering, Monitoring and Exit all are equally important.

InvestRICH Plans

InvestRICH Portfolios are essentially 'Ready to Invest' portfolios of stocks selected on basis of given parameters for optimum returns along with precise entry, target prices, and holding duration for each. All you need to do is Buy any of them, Invest & Relax.


For the REAL Long-term investor.

4 Stocks for 5-10 years. Wealth generation at its best.

Amount : ₹ 10,000

MidCap Gold

Growth investing at its best.

High returns with moderate risks in mid-sized firms.

Amount : ₹ 6,000

BlueChip Balanced

Power of Blue-Chip Safe Stocks with sectoral balance.

Safety with inflation beating returns large-cap stocks

Amount : ₹ 5,000

SmallCap Gold

Think BIG by investing in SMALL.

Stock which can become Multi-bagger in next few years.

Amount : ₹ 6,000

2019 Top Ten

Dus ka Dum

Annual return 50-100% with top performing stocks to invest in 2019.

Amount : ₹ 6,000

Emerging 7-Star

Invest In TODAY, what others will invest in TOMORROW.

7 Best emerging companis to invest.

Amount : ₹ 7,000


Invest in dept-free, Remain Worry Free.

HIGH dividend yield and high on margin of safety LOW on risk.

Amount : ₹ 5,000

Contrarian Portfolio

Go againts the crowd

The art of Dis-agreeing and making money. For bold Investor Only.

Amount : ₹ 10,000

The Giants' Portfolio

Minic India's top Successful Investors

Copy Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damini, Porinju portfolio at reasonable price.

Amount : ₹ 7,000

What you get?
  • In this scheme we give 1 fresh stock every month to investor at stipulated date during the month.
  • The stock may be a fresh stock or it may also be a similar stock given in previous or some earlier month.
  • We will give minimum 8 different stocks and maximum 12 different stocks in a year, with 50-100% upside in each.
Who should take this type of Stock SIP Plan?
  • Those who don't want to or don't have lump sum amount to invest at one go. Those who have cultivated a habit of investing at regular interval, say every month.
  • Those who are presently investing in mutual funds through SIP route but are not satisfied with the returns in their mutual fund investments over the short to medium term, and want higher returns can opt for our this STOCK SIP Plan.
What is SIP?
  • SIP is more famous and known in investing into mutual funds. SIP means Systematic Investment Plan.
  • Investment Plan means an investment plan. While the word Systematic here denotes the act of investing a specified amount of money at a regular interval say, every month.
Fee Structure :
1 Year ₹ 10,000 Discount
₹ 1,500
Pay Now
₹ 8,500
5 Years ₹ 50,000 Discount
₹ 15,000
Pay Now
₹ 35,000

if we don't deliver positive returns by the end of your subscription period, then renew your service for free!

Annual Membership for Investors to get best stock investment ideas and more throughout the year.

What is 'Indian Investors Club'?
  • Indian Investors Club is an 'Annual Membership' service for Indian stock-market investors of NSE and BSE.
  • The 'paid member' gets best Value-Investing and Multi-bagger Stock-investing Recommendations throughout the year.
  • Other investors education material delivered at regular interval for
What You Get?
  • Paid Members gets regular high-return and Multi-bagger stock investment recommendations via SMS and email.
  • Stock recommendations are for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and more duration.
  • Stocks are recommended with Buy price, Target price and specific Holding duration and regular updates.
  • Stocks recommendation will be from across the Midcap, Smallcap, Largecap, Micro cap and Penny stock, Blue Chip, MNCs, etc. universe.
  • Strategy/Guidance for investing in different stocks also given with regular recommendations. (by Email, SMS and Personal Phone Call Discussion).
Fee Structure:
1 Year ₹ 7,000 Pay Now
₹ 7,000
Lifetime ₹ 41,000 Pay Now
₹ 41,000
2 Years ₹ 14,000 You Save
₹ 3,000
Pay Now
₹ 11,000

Free Renewal : if we don't deliver positive returns by the end of your subscription period, then renew your service for free!

Bonus Features:

3 Bonus Features on enrolment of Privilege Membership for more than 1 yr :

  • 1. Get free advice on 5 stocks of your choice at the outset.
  • 2. Get additional 15 stocks limit (for free advice of stocks of your choice) for the whole year.
  • 3. Negative Stock Alerts : Sell/Avoid recommendations for stocks that are going to go down.

Customized Portfolio Advisory Service for investors in Indian Stock Markets.

  • Every individual has a different life, and so are his or her need, goal and strategy for investing.
  • That's why we have fully customized service, so that you can have the advice EXACTLY you want.
A couple of examples.
  • Suppose you have got some X lumpsum amount that you want to invest for X no.of years and have a 'medium' risk expectation, and x % of return expectation. That's all. We will build a portfolio for you, monitor it till you exit and book profit in it.
  • Another example, suppose you want to have X amount of money at the end of 5 yrs.for buying a Home. All you need is to tell us what kind of investment you can put in every month/year or in lumpsum and we will get you set on track to invest and achieve your targeted goal.
  • As stated above, every individual investor's need is different and similarly his approach should also be different while investing. An individual's investment decision involve factors such as his existing income, his family and dependents, his age, his risk appetite, his existing investments, and his other financial goals among other things.
  • So, it is clear that the above factors are always distinct for each investor, and thus, every individual's investment strategy should be crafted separately. A unique and highly effective and result oriented investment strategy is not an option but a requirement.
  • We also call our 'INDIVIDUAL INVESTMENT ADVICE' service as 'FINANCIAL PLANNING MODULE'. Financial Planning is nothing but mainly planning your investment into different asset classes (such as equity (including mf), debt, and real assets such as commodities. We however will not advice you on the 'debt' investment. We will include advice on mainly equities along with mutual fund and commodities as well.
  • As you will find in our individual investment advice contact form, please mention if you have taken or are following any financial planning advice.
  • Please do not miss out on reading separate section on 'important concepts in investing'.
Fee Structure :
Investment Amount Fee Payment
₹ 1 lakh - 5 lakh ₹ 10,000 Pay Now
₹ 5 lakh - 10 lakh ₹ 25,000 Pay Now
₹ 10 lakh - 25 lakh ₹ 50,000 Pay Now

if we don't deliver positive returns by the end of your subscription period, then renew your service for free!

The above fee is one-time fee. And free monitoring service of the portfolio is given here.

For portfolio above Rs.25 lakh, pls discuss with our analyst team.

Note : All prices are inclusive of taxes.

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