HOTCALLS is a gamut of Services For Traders. These products are designed for traders aiming to make fast money on short term basis and have appetite for risk and high rewards.

Two options are available on basis of features. One is 'segment wise' and another is 'assured profit based'. Check out both for details.

One Time Registration Charges ₹ 5,000 (Now Waived Off)

Segment Wise variant is where the customer is sent the trading calls of his selected segment of trading and his/her service will expire on ending of the subscription time i.e month/quarter.

Stock Cash

Purely for intra day traders in STOCK CASH segment. Customers receive trading calls with precise entry and exit and speedy targets. Most small and entry level traders trade in this segment.

Ideal for intraday beginner, small traders. 2-3 daily calls. BTST calls as per market condition and customer choice.Risk Type is Low.

MEGHACAP: Buy ITC Ltd around CMP-210, SL-208, TGT-215. (10.45 AM)

MEGHACAP: Intraday Sell Jet Air below-350, SL-354, TGT-338.( 02.05PM )

1 Month ₹ 5,000 You Save
₹ 400
Pay Now
₹ 4,600
3 Months ₹ 15,000 You Save
₹ 3,000
Pay Now
₹ 12,000

Note: Above prices are inclusive of Taxes

Nifty Calls

Client will get daily Nifty Futures Trading Tips for intraday movements. Nifty Future is second highest traded instrument. It gives great movement on day to day basis and high volatility is boon for smart traders

Monthly Plan You will get Nifty Fut trading calls for one month from your date of subscription.
400 Points Plan In this plan profit in points is calculated and the service will not expire until a profit of 400 points is made to the customer.
Intraday 1-2 Nifty Futures trading calls given.Bank Nifty Fut calls will also be included by choice of customer.
Customer can include Nifty Options as well. Risk Type is Low.

MEGHACAP: Buy NF above 10500, SL-10480, TGT-10550. (12.35 PM)

MEGHACAP: Buy NF aroundCMP 10500-10505, Sl-480, TGT-10550 (01.23 PM)

Monthly Plan ₹ 6,500 You Save
₹ 1000
Pay Now
₹ 5,500
400 Points Plan ₹ 6,500 You Save
₹ 600
Pay Now
₹ 5,900

Note: Above prices are inclusive of Taxes

Stock Futures

This service is for traders in NSE f&O stocks futures, mainly experienced and regular trade₹ Risk-reward ratio is at least 1::2 and more. Futures segment is more popular for higher gains in intraday basis.

Daily 1-3 stock futures highly accurate trading calls are given. Superb risk reward ratio to protect from possible accuracy drawback. Intelligent selection of stocks with right lot sizes.
Speciality of small SL and Big Target Calls.

MEGHACAP: Buy RIL Nov Fut around CMP-1110-11, SL-1103, TGT-1128. (11.15 AM)

MEGHACAP: Intraday Sell Manappuram Nov Fut Below 100, CMP-101, SL-102, TGT-95. (10.45AM)

1 Month ₹ 8,000 You Save
₹ 400
Pay Now
3 Months ₹ 24,000 You Save
₹ 4,800
Pay Now
₹ 19,200

Note: Above prices are inclusive of Taxes

Options Calls

Options calls are known for multiple gains in short time with pre-defined risk. It can be for intraday and positional as well. Iintraday traders who want to take advantage of short term stocks/Index price movement with limited risk of option premium paid, choose this service.

Options calls have their different universe and movement. Its related with the movement of the market, the stock price and time.

1-3 stock options tips are given which have been tested for high accuracy over last 5 years.

By use of margin this segment can be traded with small investment and taken benefit like stock futures segment with less risk and higher room for manuovering.

MEGHACAP: Buy GAIL 350 November Call Option around CMP-8, SL-5, TGT-14. (09:45 AM)

MEGHACAP: Intraday Sell RIL Nov 1000 Call Option around CMP-25, SL-30, TGT-15. (12.30 PM)

1 Month ₹ 7,000 You Save
₹ 400
Pay Now
₹ 6,600
3 Months ₹ 21,000 You Save
₹ 4,200
Pay Now
₹ 16,800

Note: Above prices are inclusive of Taxes

Commodity/MCX Calls

Commodity Futures have become popular among Indian traders in last decade. Commodities are internationally traded products and a lot of analysis of macro and global economy, currency markets as well as geopolitical analysis required. Top traded commodities available on MCX are Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Natural Gas, Crude Oil in mini and big lot sizes.

With our 24hrs. special commodity and forex analyst team, you get best MCX tips available in the markets.

Intraday Trading calls from Base Metals, Bullions, and/or Energy commodities with high accuracy.

Client can choose the product i.e. copper, crude, gold etc.out of which he wants calls.

MEGHACAP: SELL GOLD MCX JUN FUT IN RANGE OF 30500-30550, SL -306330 TGT 30270.(02.22 PM)

MEGHACAP: BUY CRUDE DEC FUT IN THE RANGE OF 3900-3910, SL-3875, TGT-3960. (07.30 PM)

1 Month ₹ 8,000 You Save
₹ 400
Pay Now
₹ 7,600
3 Months ₹ 24,000 You Save
₹ 4,800
Pay Now
₹ 19,200

Note: Above prices are inclusive of Taxes

One Time Registration Charges ₹ 5,000 (Now Waived Off)

This is one of its kind and unique approach to advisory adopted first and only by MEGHA CAPITAL.

Here, the service of the client expires not on completion of his service duration e.g month; but on completion of his Profit Target. This shows commitment of Actual Profit delivery against fees paid by customer.


Assured Profit Target ₹ 25,000:

Service is stopped only on the completion of Net Profit of ₹ 25,000 profit.

Fee ₹ 5,000 5% OFF ₹ 4,750 Buy Now

Assured Profit Target ₹ 50,000:

Service is stopped only on the completion of Net Profit of ₹ 50,000 profit.

Fee ₹ 10,000 10% OFF ₹ 9,000 Buy Now

Assured Profit Target ₹ 1 Lakh:

Service is stopped only on the completion of Net Profit of ₹ 1 Lakh profit.

Fee ₹ 20,000 20% OFF ₹ 16,000 Buy Now

Assured Profit Target ₹ 2 Lakh:

Service is stopped only on the completion of Net Profit of ₹ 2 Lakh profit.

Fee ₹ 40,000 30% OFF ₹ 28,000 Buy Now
Above all prices are inclusive of taxes.

Common Features:

  • Individual Online Excel Sheet is made for each client in which client can simply click on a link given and see his daily and up to date profit loss status with date and calls given.
  • The ideal capital required differs depending on assured profit target selection from Rs.25,000 onwards.
  • The time-duration of completion of profit will depend on the capital available for trading with the client and prevailing market conditions and volatility.
  • Trading Signals can be from any of the Stock Cash, Stock Futures, Options, Intra-Day Trading, Nifty Futures, Bank Nifty, Delivery Calls Segment OR as per the selection of the client.
  • The higher Assured Profit Target plan you select the more discounts you get.
  • The selection of segment can be done by client or simply select profit target only, where we give calls from any segment.
  • Trading calls will be given within limit of capital of client which he/she informs us at the start of service.
  • The service will continue until net profit target of the given plan is completed.
  • To continue the service after completion of the targeted assured profit, the customer will need to renew again in any given plan.
  • Free Account Handling Service available where we will handle trading execution for the customer on his behalf.
One Time Registration Charges ₹ 5,000 (Now Waived Off)

Money-Back Guarantee Plan is for those customers, who want assurance of profits with money back guarantee feature. In this plan client gets money back in case the committed profit target is not achieved on given terms and conditions.The fees are typically way higher than other type of trading calls plans.

Highlight -

  • The king of all types of stock and commodity advisory service is here!
  • No other tips or calls service can beat MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE PLAN as in this scheme the customer is given ON STAMP PAPER LEGAL WRITTEN GUARANTEE of return of fees in case of non-fulfillment of money-back guarantee plan condition.
  • Close to none advisor provide this kind of guarantee. We are One of very Few or Probably THE ONLY advisor in India giving such a money back guarantee plan to traders.
  • Beware of unscrupulous/fraud advisory companies giving money-back guarantee on non-enforceable contract. Our contract is written 100% in favor of the customer.
  • Moneyback guarantee condition with LIMITED TRADES also available.
  • Pls note we do not guarantee profit but only the return of fees in case the profit target is not achieved in given time duration.

Select Plans -

1. Nifty Future intraday money-back guarantee condition Scheme:

Sr. Instruments Fee Rs. Tenure/duration of scheme Minimum Exposure Profit given
1 Nifty future ₹ 20,000 60 trading sessions 2 big lots ₹ 60,000

100% fee refund/money-back guarantee condition is that if the customer does not earn profit of ₹ 60,000 in 60 trading sessions as mentioned then entire fee of ₹ 20,000 will be returned.

2. Profit Guarantee money-back Condition Scheme:

Sr. Fee Profit given Times of fee Tenure Capital/margin/exposure requirement/instruments
1 ₹ 25000 50,000 2 60 trading sessions As per customization
2 ₹ 50,000 1,50,000 3 60 trading sessions As per customization
3 ₹ 1,00,000 4,00,000 4 60 trading sessions As per customization

Please note that we also have LIMITED TRADES moneyback guarantee plan, in which we give guarantee of profit commitment completion in numbered trades. For. E.g. you may opt for a moneyback guarantee service with maximum 30 trades with fee of ₹ 25000 and profit commitment of ₹ 50,000 and so on. In this plan if the profit commitment is not completed WITHINH THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TRADES or takes more than the stipulated trades then, the fee is refunded.

Other Features -

  • If anyone is providing money back guarantee plan then they will not give you more than 2-3 times guarantee, while we give more than 3 times profits on fees
  • All the moneyback guarantee condition schemes/options are customizable according to the requirement of the customer in terms of tenure, return and capital/margin/exposure requirements.
  • Trading calls will be given from any segment weather cash, futures or options and weather intraday or overnight. However the trading calls will be given as per the exposure and suitability of the customer and as per the customization of the scheme.
  • There will be no customization for the trading system and conditions for nifty future money back guarantee condition scheme.
  • Trading and investing in market is always risky and subject to market conditions. We do not guarantee or take responsibility of your loss. We only give guarantee to return your fee paid to us as charge on non-fulfillment of the said commitment as chosen by you in the options.
  • The trading calls will be given with regular frequency as per discretion of our analyst team and market condition.
  • All the trading calls will be given via sms only. Phone and email and other type of communication support will be additionally provided. The customer is requested to take action as per our message. The trading call will be calculated in the profit and loss calculation for the customer's account irrespective of the fact that the customer has done transaction of not. The customer should not call to confirm the message. However the customer can call at any time for help and assistance. But as the customer will be trained and explained how to trade and manage, the customer will not need to call us every now and then, once he has become conversant of our trading advisory system.
  • The customer can choose our free 'ACCOUNT HANDLING SERVICE' if he/she does not have time for trade execution. In this we will put trades in his/her account.
  • The proof of sending messages will be final as a proof that we have sent message to us. We use whatsapp, text SMS service to send trading calls. However late and non-delivered sms will not be counted in customer's total profit and loss calculations. We keep all record of all the sms sent along with the time of sending sms, delivery made or not as well as the detail weather the number is in DND list of not and so on.
  • If the customer wants to change his mobile number for any reasons to any other mobile number from the one that is given in this contract then the customer has to give us email from his registered email id mentioned in this contract or give us phone call which will be recorded for proof purpose that the customer changed his mobile number.
  • If in case the customer wants to stop trading because he is going out of country or for any other reasons he wants to take a break, then he has to follow the same procedure as mentioned in above paragraph of change in mobile number.
  • This contract can be modified or changed or terminated at any time in case both the parties i.e. the customer and the firm.
  • Trading sessions or Tenure of commitment completion time will be variable and adjustable/customizable/matched with the available capital, to trade with the customer.
  • The contract will stand end and the service will discontinue with no further or earlier obligation of the firm as soon as the committed profit is made to the customer or such other money back guarantee condition is fulfilled at any time before the tenure of the scheme ends.
  • The customer will be sent regular sms and email updates regarding his/her total and net profit and loss details and details of advice given to him as per the contract. The customer will receive daily sms and email of daily and total net profit/loss.
  • In case of non-fulfillment of condition by our firm as panned out in this contract, our firm will return you the money you have paid to us as fee. The amount of which is mentioned under details of moneyback guarantee condition scheme selected by you.
  • The customer's profile details, address, communication details are taken and mentioned in the contract.
  • The customer's bank account details are taken and mentioned in the contract in case the need arises to give back the money to the customer.
  • The money will be returned within 7 working days via cheque, demand draft, or internet banking or any other preferable non-cash route.
  • If the stated/guaranteed/committed profit is not achieved to the client within the stated period, and in case the profit is lesser than the stated, then proportional money/fee return rule will apply. In that case for example, if the customer is committed 60,000 profit in 20,00 fees in certain duration, and at the end of that duration/contract period, the profit is not 60,000 but suppose 30,000 then the customer will be returned ₹ 10,000 and the other Rs,10,000 will be retained by the firm as charges for giving the ₹ 30,000 profit. The same proportional-fee-retention-rule will apply in all moneyback guarantee plans.
  • We will accept to return the money in other than the above mentioned account only if the customer has opted not to mention his account in this contract. However in that case the money will be paid out only in the name of the customer and not in any other name.
  • Contact us and talk to us if you have any further query/doubt.

Common Features

  • Investment in different service and segment will differ. We accept trader with minimum ₹ 25,000 investment to 25 lakh ₹ Investment. Complete Follow-up of each call will be given upto date.
  • Risk Type is different as per segment. In stock cash risk is low, while stock future risk will be higher than that. In Options Calls risk is medium and pre-defined. There will be full online and on phone support provided in all services.
  • The medium of sending trading tips will be by App or Whatsapp/SMS/Phone Call, as per the convenience and choice of the customer.
  • There will be only one Stoploss and one Target in each calls.
  • Risk - Reward Ratios in each calls will be 1:2 and above unlike 1:1 and even lower like others.
  • Customer is free switch to different segments and from one product type to another as per their wish during the period of service.
  • Customer is free to Add/RemoveSegment of trading during the period of his service. No hurry : In our all calls customer will get ample time to put trades, book profit after getting our message.
  • Our 'above/below' and 'around' calls tested for best customer convenience experience over many years.
  • Customer will be given a thoroughexplanation before starting service how to receive, read, and interpret our trading calls to avoid misunderstanding and clear doubts if any.

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